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Gill & Brian.
Our wedding was in May and could not guarantee a fine day! We were determinedto have our ceremony outside. Umbrellas would be needed and an aunt wiselysuggested beach umbrellas. We hired 50 and so pleased we did as everyonewas able to be outside without getting wet in the fine rain which startedjust as we began our ceremony.!!

Lisa and Tony.
Begin by finding your venue first!

Elle and Craig.
We used vintage cars and were worried about the brown leather seats. Theowner had said he used shoe polish to keep them looking gorgeous whichthey were. We organised a friend to make an easy slip cover just likea sheet with tapes on the top corner to put over the seat to protect Elle'swedding dress. When we removed it, the side next to the seat had brownpolish all over it!

Keisha and Dan.
Our cake was divided into 3 sections it was only one tier but our cakemaker made banana for Keisha chocolate for Dan and fruit for our we had an extra fruit cake which was cut up by the reception venuestaff and served to the guests.

PLEASE! Don't put your flowers in the fridge! They are best sitting inthe bottom of the bath, shower or laundry tub. Somewhere cool not cold!

Brides should always buy their undergarments before visiting the dressmaker/designer.Always wear those under garments to all the fittings. Otherwise you willhave an incorrectly fitting dress. Every undergarment sits differentlyon the body so make sure they are fitted correctly and comfortable beforeyou start.

Sarah and Jerome.
(Sarah)Wear your shoes for at least two weeks at home to break them inand make sure they are comfortable.

(Jerome) We used the traditional 'breaking the glass' ceremony as theJewish do but I was worried about being outside and not able to sweepup any residue glass. Shirley-Ann suggested we wrap the glass first inpaper towel then in linen. It worked not a stray shard anywhere.

It is awkward for wedding guests who have food allergies to be comfortablenot really knowing what may be in the food you are providing. Suggestthey bring their own and give it to the staff in the reception kitchento put into serving dishes and take it to your guest's table. It savesyour guest the embarrassment of having to drag out plastic containersand what to do with the containers afterwards.

Carole and Verne.
We were a second time around bride and groom and both wanted our respectivegrandchildren to be a part of our day. We chose the 12 and 14 year oldsto be our witnesses, the eight year old to be the ring bearer and thefour littluns under five as our 'helpers.' The three little girls we boughtfairy wings in different colours and the only boy wore his favorite 'Spiderman'suit. The children gave out the order of service which was a bit shakybut those who missed out helped themselves. During the service the childrenblew bubbles. They loved it and apart from the odd squeal of delight werevery quiet. After the ceremony they were given balloons to set free witha wish with each one and we watched the balloons rise into the air andfloat away to who knows where. An adventure, just as we were about todo. The children set the ambience for our ceremony which was relaxed andhappy.

Olwen and Caleb.
As part of our ceremony we wanted to have candles. To make sure they werenot blown out by the wind we bought large 'hurrican' vases and boughtcandles which were short and fat about one third the height of the hurricanevase. We used long BBQ matches to light the flames and even though therewas quite a breeze the flames remained lit and we avoided anyone thinking'doom and gloom' because our candles went out!

If you will have several children at your wedding reception, arrange tohave them in another room with a video and their 'party food'. Also, employa 'babysitter' to supervise them. This will allow their parents to havetheir meal and listen to the toasts. The parents will relax because theirchildren will be close by and supervised.